Brsečine is a quiet village perched in the limestone hills that line the Dalmatian coast. The hills are scattered with old stone houses and olive groves, offering a certain calmness that can only be found in Dalmatia. The owners had only one, essential condition of sharing their charming Brsečine with the world; wanted the village to maintain its serenity, not only for the guests to experience, but also for the village to preserve its heavenly charm.

The Atmosphere

There are several lounge areas, decorated with mismatched, unique pieces of furniture, creating a cozy, homely feel. It is a warm, inviting and unique retreat for groups of friends, or couples. Outdoor slow dining at NINON provides a unique and romantic atmosphere, while remaining simple and relaxed. After all, is there anything more enchanting than the reflection of a sunset that illuminates the Adriatic and disappears behind the Elaphite islands?


Erzherzog Ludwig Salvatore von Habsburg, a researcher and chronicler of the Mediterranean sea, described exactly this part of Adriatic coast in his book "Mit der Jacht entlang der kroatischen Küste" as the most beautiful in Croatia!

The Location

Just 20 minutes away from Dubrovnik, NINON is ideal for those wishing to escape their daily routines and enjoy a relaxing holiday in perfect harmony with nature. The view is quite something, but since a picture speaks a thousand words, we'll let you be the judge.

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