We love art and we know that only art can fill up one space with harmony. You'll notice that the moment you enter NINON. Among many interesting art pieces, we'd like to mention four very special artists, our friends that have been creating the spaces of NINON together with us - from the very beginning.


Viktor Daldon:

Viktor is one of Croatia's most noteworthy young painters. He was born in Dubrovnik and lives just around the corner in our village. He has put his signature on every room and the lobby. You'll find his paintings not only on the walls but also some unique designs on the floors.

Mišo Babić:

We are huge fans of his work! Born in Sarajevo, Mišo currently lives and paints in Vienna. There will be some Art Classes taking place at NINON, e-mail us if you are interested in joining them.

Fiko Libovac:

Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, contributed several sculptures in various corners of NINON – watch out, you just might stumble upon them.

Igor Gojanović:

International conceptual artist and designer. He's living and working in several places: Bali, Singapore, Miami and Lausanne. Igor was a big help with designing and producing furniture in Bali.

Ivan Katalinić:

The family's son currently lives and studies Art and Design in Libera Universita di Bolzano. He enjoyed contributing his ideas and his heart to our family project. Besides graphic designs, you will also find his famous drawings on Instagram.

All of the pieces that shape the interior, regardless if they're composed of wood, metal or stone have one thing in common - they're made with love. Together we discussed ideas, selected materials and created spaces.

The stone for NINON was carefully selected in the stone quarry. This work demands a lot of knowledge and much patience! Thanks to Izo , Niho, and Miho who lacked none of these qualities!

During our sails on the boat Mediterraneo with our family members Silva and Stef, we collected valuable handicrafts all around south Pacific and Polynesia.

Selecting mahogany in Bali. All wood that we bought and used for our furniture is certificated as legally cut and logged.

Stone figures – Handcrafted at Macasar – Sulavesi

Neckband made of shells from Pulau Buru.